Cassie Krendel

Having lost her mother and becoming a mother herself, Cassie is determined not to follow the same path.

“In 2010 my best friend, my mum passed away from ovarian cancer. Before she passed away she found out she had the BRCA1 gene which means she had an 85% chance of getting breast cancer and a 45% chance of getting Ovarian cancer. Unfortunately she didn’t have this information until it was too late. Last year I too found out I have the BRCA1 gene so on the 5th feb this year I underwent preventative surgery, a double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery. This surgery has dropped my life time risk of getting breast cancer to less than 2% and in turn I feel very lucky to be able to take action that my amazing mum wasn’t able too. I don’t feel sad. I feel very lucky to be in this position - knowledge is power! The operation went well and I now have nice new boobies (no more post- natal sag, silver lining n’all) My journey is not quite over as I have been advised to have a hysterectomy to drop my chances of getting ovarian cancer, although this scares me and it’s also pushing me to make life/family decisions I know the outcome will be worth it! Every time I feel low I think of my incredible Mum and that gives me my strength!