Megan Burger

I honestly don’t know where to start…today a year ago, I had my Preventative double mastectomy. WOW! The lessons I have learnt over the past year have been world altering…
What I have been through is not the “normal journey of a Previvor” in my opinion (or well I freaking hope not!) I have had immense lows over the course of the last year, but at the end of the day, I have to look in the mirror and look at myself and say “Hey. You did it!”

I made a HUGE LIFE CHANGING decision when I decided to 1. Go for the surgery and 2. To share it online. I don’t regret either of those decisions! I am stronger because of both of them and I will continue to grow emotionally and intellectually because of everything that has happened over the last 12months!
I am super emotional today, typing out this post, putting make-up on to take a recent picture of myself to post and update my blog with a post of it being a year already… Time has felt crazy, fast but yet so slow. The journey in becoming a Previvor has been tough, emotional but so empowering for me!

*My favourite quote since resigning from Flying has been: “You can step forward into uncertainty and growth or backwards into comfort and safety” – Abraham Maslow*
This quote has inspired me to change my career and my life “plan” and really was something I held onto my entire Previvor journey so far.

There are still uncertainties today, after my initial surgery and my exchange surgery… So much has happened with my body, I don’t know how long it will take to lose all of the weight I have gained and what my foobs will look like in the end. I am very blessed that my scars are healing nicely, but they are not perfect… My initial surgeons really did a number on me! Shjoe, but anyyyways… even with all this uncertainty, I am positive and strong!

I have to say I would have not been able to get through this without my Husband and my kiddos (my poochies) and my friends, family, psychologist or new surgeon. I am forever grateful to modern medicine and how lucky I was to be able to find out I am BRCA+ and know that my chances of getting breast cancer were 87%! So many others don’t have the luxury of knowing or being able to do something about it like I have. I am forever grateful to everyone that made this possible for me!

I am going to “just keep swimming” (YES that is a Dory quote!) and never give up on the reason why I went for my surgery and never keep sharing my story with anyone that will listen. I aspire to inspire knowledge and empowerment and change…