• Nicole Wogman

Janice Dickinson

We should all take a leaf out of the fabulous Janice Dickinson’s book .. "My doctor gave me lots of tests," she told Britain's This Morning TV show. "She found a lump. I said 'that's probably an old botched boob from one of my reality shows'." After undergoing tests, it was determined she was suffering from cancer, as she explains, "I went through a battery of tests... Sonogram... mammogram. I went through 6 months radiation which was very harrowing." Happily now the modelling veteran and reality TV star has been declared cancer free. "The radiation is over. I'm cancer free. Cancer-schmancer!" she exclaimed. The star admits that she initially struggled with her diagnosis but drew on her psychiatrist fiance Dr Robert 'Rocky' Gerner for support. "In the beginning I was in just a state of numbness," she said. "I just walked around just feeling numb. I was afraid for my children. They were very, very upset. Then I went through a period that I wouldn't be attractive to my fiance... My fiance told me, 'This will not define you. Cancer will not define you.'"

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