Pop Princess #Kylie Minogue shares all!

The Full Story

For our April celebrity inspirational story we wanted to give it up to our icon Kylie Minogue.
Who doesn’t love the, ‘I should be so lucky,’ pop icon Kylie Minogue. This song is extremely apt as her dreams came true in April 2015 when she celebrated her 10th anniversary being all-clear from breast cancer with family, friends, champagne and tears. Kylie was 36 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer on 17 May 2005. Four days later she had surgery and soon after she started chemotherapy, an experience she later likened to “experiencing a nuclear bomb.” Appearing as a guest on ITV’s Jonathan Ross Show, Kylie stated - “It’s quite difficult to talk about it in interview situations because it’s deep and it’s long and it’s involved and it’s hard to really say what it was in a neat package,” she added. “It’s pretty strange.” She completed her chemotherapy treatment in France, and in 2008 France’s then culture minister Christine Albanel said: “Doctors now even go as far as saying there is a Kylie effect that encourages young women to have regular checks.” Kylie was asked on the show whether she identified with Angelina Jolie’s recent decision to speak publicly about having her ovaries removed. “To a point,” she replied. “I mean cancer has many forms. I guess I can only say to a point I did because I don’t really know her story, she doesn’t really know my story. “Cancer has probably touched everyone in this audience in some way or another and all the stories are different, but certainly in as much as she felt it was her duty to talk about it,” she added. “I never questioned – not for a split-second did I think of not saying what I had.” We want you to know that you are never alone and you should never suffer alone, we are always here for you. ❤️